Wednesday, 10 February 2016
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2016 Championship Summary
2016 Championship Summary
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Latest Fastest Laps
2016 Intercontinental GT Series - (Rd 1) Bathurst 12hrsJani Rautio (Corvette C7R 2015 EGT) with 2:03.477 [Q]
2016 ETCC '76 Masters - (Rd 1) MonzaDavide Ricciardi (Renault A310 V6 `76 (GTTC B1) GTTC B1) with 2:03.819 [Q]
2016 Nordschleife VLN Series - (Rd 1) Nordscheife - ADAC- WestfalenfahrtKai Heinonen (Nissan GT-R GT3 PAM) with 8:27.257 [R]
2016 DRM Championship (Overall) - (Rd 1) ZolderDavide Ricciardi (FORD CAPRI TURBO FORD CAPRI TURBO) with 1:26.841 [Q]
2016 DRM Championship (Div I) - (Rd 1) ZolderKai Heinonen (BMW M1 BMW M1) with 1:27.503 [Q]
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Welcome to RaceConnect
Written by Ross Hawkey   

checkered_flag2.gifRaceconnect online sim racingcheckered_flag2.gif

Click on the Day, Sim, or Racing Category, for further information. If there is no 'live link' then there are no imminent events

Tuesday Night Sim-Racing at RaceConnect

Wednesday Night Sim-Racing at RaceConnect

Sunday Night Sim-Racing at RaceConnect

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Assetto Corsa - Audi TT Cup
Written by Andrew Williams   
RaceConnect Audi TT Cup

RaceConnect Audi TT Cup

Wednesday 10th February 2016

On 10th February, RaceConnect will host round one of the Audi TT Cup, featuring 2 x 16 laps races at Hockenheim. 

Pit Lane Penalty (PLP) app mandatory for this series. 

See THIS FORUM POST  version 1.8 now available. Please update.

 Full championship details can be found in the FORUM.
Registration can be made from the EVENT LIST.

View the current server best lap times.

Install pTracker to get working 3 sector times and more.

Blancpain GT Series - Rd1 - 14th Feb - Monza
Written by Ross Hawkey   
blancpain_gt_2016_350x231.jpg blancpain_gt_series.png

** Note - The Server has been updated to Build 1052 - Ensure you have the latest build **

On Sunday, RaceConnect will be holding Rd 1 of the 2016 Blancpain GT Series.  The meeting will be run using the Endurance Race Format.

A practice server is live shortly, and all necessary downloads can be found in the RaceConnect Download Section .  

With 20 drivers having joined the Pre-Season test event, we're hoping for another 20+ grid for this opening round.  If you've not yet registered, go HERE  to get your name on the list.

Please ensure you have taken necessary steps to display your name correctly whe joining the server. Information 

Donington Historic Festival Day 1 - 16th Feb - PCars
Written by Ross Hawkey   
pcars_historic_masters_350.jpg historic_masters_series.png

Tues 16th Feb

RaceConnect will be running the Historic Masters ProjectCars Festival Event on Tuesday 16th February


The Event will feature a 3 Race Format on the Donington GP Circuit featuring:

Aston Martin DBR1, Ford Sierra Cosworths and Lotus Type 25

Register HERE.  Full Timetable in the Forum HERE.

Donington Historic Festival Day 2 - 17th Feb - rFactor2
Written by Ross Hawkey   
historic_masters_series_rf2_350x231.jpg historic_masters_series_rf2.png

Weds 17th Feb

RaceConnect will be running the Historic Masters rFactor2 Festival Event on Wednesday 17th February


The Event will feature a 3 Race Format on the Donington GP Circuit featuring:

Historic F3, Historic F2 and Lola T280

Register HERE.  Full Timetable in the Forum HERE.

Historic World Rally Championship - Rd2
Written by David Kelsall   



Round 2 - Rally Sweden  1st - 28th February  

One of the most exciting Rallies on the calendar and a favourite amongst most drivers, this one is a true test of driver ability. 

With two stages per week and a total of eight in the month you have ample time to set your stage times.


You may join at any time during the Championship.  

For the RWD fans we are using the Sierra Cosworth RS500 and BMW E30 Evo Rally 

Please read the series Rules HERE before entering.  

United Sportscar Championship - R1 - Daytona
Written by Ross Hawkey   
tusc_2016_350x231.jpg tusc_2015.png

Following the issues faced with the TUSC mod on Sunday 24th January, has reverted to the Mod used last year (with a slight tweak). This proved a stable base for the 2015 season.

We will be using the Enduracers Mod (SP3), and the Daytona DP add-on. The Download Section has been updated and a server is up for testing. It could be that following some more experience with the times posted, that a further 'tweak' may be made to balance the P2/DP performances.

A revised calendar has been created on the SERIES PAGE HERE and the Daytona Round will now be run on  21st February.
With a grid of 36 names already registered, let's hope the race is as exciting as the real event.

rFactor 2 Championships 2016 and ISI Discount Offer
Written by Ross Hawkey   

RaceConnect is currently finalising Championships/Events for the new year which will feature rF2 on both Sunday and Wednesday nights. If you've not purchased the mod yet, or let your annual subscription slip, then now is an ideal time to take action.
rF2 Discount Offer Extended to Friday, go HERE for Details





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Thu, Feb 11th, @7:00pm
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Thu, Feb 25th, @7:00pm
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7th February 2016
2016 Intercontinental GT Series
(Rd 1) Bathurst 12hrs
1stPertti Korolainen (Darche_EGT EGT)
2ndRoss Hawkey (BayroE5 EGT)
3rdMark Jones (Corvette C7R 2015 EGT)
Leader board for 2016 Intercontinental GT Series
1stPertti Korolainen with 25 pts
2ndRoss Hawkey with 21 pts
3rdMark Jones with 18 pts
4thRolf Just with 15 pts
5thOli Bateson with 14 pts
Ranking Leaders
1stToni Puumalainen with score 92.1125
2ndRoss Hawkey with score 87.5023
3rdDavide Ricciardi with score 84.1643
4thRoberto Balli with score 74.611
5thJulien Luca with score 72.5809