NAEC P2 Results & Statistics

NAEC GTE Results & Statistics

Series Information:

This championship re-creates the North American Endurance Cup, following the real 2018 NAEC venues.

The series will feature 2 classes of racing:  P2 and GTE

Race Points Format : 

Race Points: 25,18,15,12,10,8,6,4,2,1

Points Scored for DNF @ 75% Race distance or higher

Sim/Mod Required:
  • rfactor2
  • Endurance Pack* for RF2

Car Choice:

  • P2:  Oreca
  • GTE: BMW, Corvette, Porsche
Server Settings:
  • Server Access: We aim to have Practice Servers available 24/7 in the weeks leading up to an event, with the usual RaceConnect Server Password.
  • Fuel: x2 (This setting may be reviewed through the season, and any changes will be noted in the forums)
  • Tyres: x2 (This setting may be reviewed through the season, and any changes will be noted in the forums)
  • ABS: Off
  • Traction Control: 1 (Medium)
  • Camera View: Cameras Allowed: No Swingman (See Rule: RCM 10/.)
  • Start Type: Rolling Start (Manual Formation Lap See Rule: RCR 8/.)
  • Virtual Server Race Start Time: 11:00am
  • Server Timescale Multiplier: Variable (Between x10 and x20)
Event Timetable:
  • Final Practice: 6:00pm UK time
  • Qualifying: 7.50pm UK Time - 30 minutes (2x15 minutes per class. First 15mins = P2 only. Final 15mins =GTE's only)
  • Warm Up: 8:25pm UK Time - 5 minutes
  • Race: 8.30pm. UK Time - 72 minutes  +3 minutes Manual Formation
  • Weather: Variable -  See forum post relevant to the event.
Championship Schedule:
  • Test: Sunday 22nd Jul - Pre-Season Test - Mid-Ohio (This event will feature both mods..see forum for full info)
  • Rd 1: Sunday 2nd Sept - Daytona
  • Rd 2: Sunday 14th Oct - Sebring
  • Rd 3: Sunday 11th Nov - Watkins Glen
  • Rd 4: Sunday 2nd Dec - Road America
Championship Results:

Results and Server Replay links will be added following completion of the event.


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[RF2] Endurance_Pack - Steam Workshop
[RF2] RC_NAEC_Rd1_Daytona_Mod/rfm
[RF2] Daytona Road
[RF2] Sebring - Steam Workshop
[RF2] Watkins Glen - Steam Workshop
[RF2] Road Atlanta - Steam Workshop