rf2 VLN

Championship Information

Series Information:
  • This series closely follows the real world VLN Endurance Championship
  • The championship will make 6 visits to the Nordschleife throughout 2018. Weather will be a feature in the 2018 series.
Race Points Format:
  • 25,18,15,12,10,8,6,4,2,1 (Double Points for the 2.4hr Event)
  • Points Scored for DNF @ 75% Race distance or higher
DLC Required: Car Choice:
  • GTE:
    Aston Martin V8 Vantage, BMW M3 E92, Corvette C6R ZR1, Ferrari F430, Porsche RSR
  • GT3:
    Porsche Cup GT3
  • TCR:
    Audi TT Cup, Ford Focus ST, Honda Civic, Opel Astra, Seat Leon Cup, Volkswagen Golf