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RC Logo 920 150

Sinice re-activating again towards the end of 2020, I'd like to thank everyone who has registered/re-registered with RaceConnect. Over on the community site, we have over 250 members, and have completed 10,000+laps, and in excess of 40 events already.

Moving into the new seasons, I need to streamline some things to save on Admin time.  I'm keen to maintain the race events, but even more keen to keep admin to a minimum.  With this in mind the site will see a couple of changes:-

1/. The forum is being removed (it's been glitchy since setting up, and eveything is duplicated over on the Discord site anyway).  The link for Discord is on the sidebar menu. Many members are already setup there, it'd be great to see everyone join in the chat on that platform.

2/. The championship posters here on the site won't be used for upcoming seasons.  It's just more time to create them, and I'm not sure it encourages more to join.

There will be 3 new Assetto Corsa Series published in the coming days, and a set of RRE 'One off' Race events (for me to test the RRE server creation).   I'm hoping that these series will be as much fun as the ones we're just completing and thanks again to everyone who has supported the racing.

RaceConnect Events

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British Saloon Car Championship

Assetto Corsa: AC Cobra Championship
Assetto Corsa: F1 70's (Lotus 72)
Assetto Corsa: BTCC '90's
RaceRoom: Brands Hatch Formula Ford Festival
RaceRoom: Group 5
RaceRoom: Touring Car Classics
RaceRoom: NSU TT

DiRT Rally 2 2021 - Championship in progress (all welcome)
Dirt Rally 2

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