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RaceConnect is a 'Free to Join Sim-Racing Community'.

We have been hosting competitive OnlineSim-Racing events since 2007.

The site is run by volunteers who offer their time freely & for the benefit of all members. We encourage competition and sportsmanship in a variety of different Sim-Racing Championships, ranging from Modern day racing, to Historic Motorsport events.

Events on the RaceConnect calendar currently feature ISI's rfactor & rF2 sims, plus Assetto Corsa, iRacing & Pcars.

RaceConnect is funded by its members whose donations go towards maintaining the RaceConnect Racing Servers & Website and on-going development. Whatever your interest in Sim-Racing & MotorSport, we hope that you will find something on our Website or Servers that will be of interest to you.


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Upcoming Races

Category Image - Sunday 18 November 2018
[rf2] VLN Championship - Rd 6 - Nordschleife
Registered : Open

Final Practice 1 Days 15 hrs 36 mins to go

Category Image - Sunday 02 December 2018
[rf] Int'l GT3 - Rd 3 - Suzuka
Registered : Open

Final Practice 15 Days 15 hrs 36 mins to go

Category Image - Sunday 09 December 2018
[rf1] WEC - Rd 8 - Bahrain
Registered : Open

Final Practice 22 Days 15 hrs 36 mins to go

Category Image - Sunday 16 December 2018
[rf2] 24hr GT3 Endurance Series - Rd 7 - Spa
Registered : Open

Final Practice 29 Days 15 hrs 36 mins to go

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