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When two drivers are battling for position in a race, almost all racing incidents that occur have a shared accountability.
Much can be learned from understanding why a contact occurred, rather than just blaming the other driver.
(e.g. One car makes an ambitious attempt to pass, and the other car turns into the corner, without leaving racing room, and contact follows).

RCR13a/. On almost all occasions, it is the responsibility of the following car (i.e the car that is overtaking) to make a safe pass on the car ahead.
RCR13b/. Cars being passed cannot however, just turn in to a corner or change their line, and expect the passing car to take full responsibility. Any contact as a result of passing or attempting a pass, will be covered by either the Punt rule RCR9/., or Avoidable Contact RCR3/.
RCR13c/. A Driver being passed should drive consistently and predictably. If you want to allow a following car to pass you without defending the postion, do not suddenly slow down/brake early while on the racing line, or lift on the exit of a corner to allow a car to pass.

On most occasions, contact as a result of 'dicing' will be treated as a 'racing incident', and both drivers will need to review their driving behaviours to avoid further incident.

Where it is clear that one driver has instagated the contact, then penalties will be applied depending on the level of the incident and at the discretion of Admin. These may range from Lap Penalties, to Time Penalties, to Drive Through Penalties, to Grid Penalties, to Removal from the Server, or Removal/DQ from the Race Result.


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